Nigel is Ready to Serve

Designed by Restaurant People.

Engineered by Tech People.

Is your POS, frankly, a P.O.S.? Let’s take a guess: it’s inflexible. Out-of-date. And expensive.

We get you. We run restaurants too. We know what it’s like to not get everything you need from your current POS system. We also build tech and know what makes software work. So, we engineered a new kind of POS platform. One that focuses on you.

Nigel is better. Because Nigel is built to serve.

Allow Nigel to
Serve You.

Meet Nigel. A cloud-based, full-service restaurant management system created to serve any restaurant size in every restaurant segment. Nigel serves you using reliable, industry-leading technology—not just the platform. Keeping you in control of your restaurant and giving you the power over your hardware, your workflows, your data, and your business.

Most importantly, Nigel is simple to use. With intuitive and customized workflows, server handhelds, and one of the most visually friendly Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), Nigel makes communication between the front and back of house quick, clear, and seamless.

Why Choose Nigel?

Nigel Saves You Money

Nigel helps you reduce labor and food costs, turn tables faster, and improve order accuracy. Better yet, the Nigel cloud-based platform offers flexibility—choose to pay by terminal or pay by location, whichever works best for your business.

Nigel Creates a Better Experience

You’ll increase guest satisfaction with better ticket times, higher order accuracy, and more attentive service. Your team benefits from a reduction in service discounts, simple and time-saving menu management, clear front-to-back-of-house communications, and an intuitive user interface.

Nigel Puts the Power in Your Hands

Instead of making your business work like your POS wants it to, Nigel adapts to your business—it’s just like you’re hiring a new employee.

  • Choose your own hardware or use ours.
  • Update your menus when you want to without the need to hire a third party.
  • Manage multiple unique brands in one place.
  • Select your preferred payment method—no long-term contracts required.

Nigel Uses Industry-Leading Technology

Backed by over 30 years of retail software engineering experience, you can trust that Nigel’s software, solutions, and architecture will remain reliable and up-to-date as technology evolves.

Nigel Features. At Your Service.


Handheld Tablets

Integrated Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Integrated Credit Card

Pay by Location, or by Device

Menu Management

Real-Time Sales and Data Reporting

On-Premise Option

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