Is Your POS, Frankly a P.O.S.?

Let’s take a guess: it’s inflexible, out-of-date, and expensive. The pricing menu is loaded with market price fees and add-ons that nickel and dime your bottom line. The platform is clunky and hard to use. And, you probably wouldn’t leave a big tip after your experience with customer support.

We get you. We run restaurants too. We know what it’s like to not get everything you need from your current POS system. We also build tech and know what makes software work. So, we engineered a new kind of POS platform. One that focuses on you.

Nigel is better. Because Nigel is built to serve.

Designed By Restaurant People, Engineered by Tech People

Meet Nigel. A cloud-based, full-service restaurant management platform created to service any sized restaurant enterprise in every restaurant segment. Whether you’re a restauranteur with multiple full-service fine dining establishments, if you’re getting ready to open a chain of new fast-casual concepts, or if you’re a franchisee juggling multiple fast food, fast-casual, and fine dining concepts, Nigel provides you with the tools and data to get your job done.

We know restaurant offices are small. The industry is fast-paced. Profit margins are razor-thin. We’ve been there. Our founders are elbow deep in running their own restaurants, which is why they wanted to engineer a way to make managing their restaurants easier and more profitable.

Nigel is simple to use. It unties your servers from the terminal and allows them to provide friendly, customer-first service.  A fully integrated, customizable KDS gives the back of the house the tools it needs to fire food faster and more accurately. Providing you the tools to improve your internal restaurant management, you can focus on providing a memorable customer dining experience, whether it’s hotter fries in the drive-thru, less wasted ingredients on the line, or shorter wait times at the bar.

Why Choose Nigel?

Save on Your Bottom Line

Ditch the razor-thin profit margin model. Nigel helps you reduce labor and food costs, turn tables faster, and improve order accuracy. Better yet, the Nigel cloud-based platform offers flexibility—choose to pay by terminal or pay by location, whichever works best for your business.

Likewise, go ahead and toss out your POS hardware maintenance contracts. With readily available hardware that’s ready to go when you are, there’s no need to pay for same day hardware support.

More Money Earning Opportunities
Long wait times? Mobility allows servers to get drinks and apps going before the table is done being bussed. Anyone can handle carry out orders, not just your bartender. Manage gift card purchases on the fly.

Give your employees the tools they need to do what they do best—provide top-notch service for your guests.

Restaurant Management, at Your Fingertips

Think of Nigel like hiring a new employee, focused on managing your restaurant, with hundreds of years of combined industry and technology expertise.

  • Choose from most major credit card processors or use ours.
  • Update your menus when you want to without the need to hire a third party.
  • Manage multiple unique brands in one place
  • Select your preferred payment method—no long-term contracts required.

Industry-Leading Technology

Backed by 30 years of POS engineering and support experience, you can trust Nigel’s software, data management, and architecture will remain reliable and up-to-date as technology evolves.

Read the Reviews

We can spend all day talking about how great Nigel is, but you’d probably like to hear from our customers too. Good news—they definitely agree. Take a look at what they have to say.

“With Nigel, our server and kitchen mistakes have decreased by 65%. The handhelds greatly increase our order accuracy and the KDS provides a better read with a better flow. The descriptions are clear and easier to read…especially the modifiers. The natural flow for our team is better and more intuitive.”

Julie Sisk
Carlos O’Kelly’s

General Manager

“In our world, if you’re not serving the guest, you better be serving someone who is. Nigel is the first POS we’ve found that is helping transform our guest experience by empowering us to serve our guests, quicker, more efficiently, and with noticeably fewer errors. Nigel is making service a huge differentiator for us.”

Brian Donnelly
HomeGrown Wichita

Director of Operations

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