We’ve engineered Nigel to be a complete restaurant management platform. That means loading it up with features that serve the front of the house, the back of the house, and the office. Coupled with industry-leading technology and dedicated support, Nigel is packed with features to help your restaurant run smoothly.

Total Restaurant Management

Sharpen your restaurant operations with powerful management tools.

Integrated Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Are you looking for an efficient way to improve your restaurant experience? With Nigel’s integrated KDS you sharpen the communication between the front and back of the house. That means servers take accurate orders for the kitchen and customers get their food faster. That’s speedier tickets, less wasted food, and happier customers. To top it all off, Nigel features easy-to-read screens and bump bar integration.

Easy Menu Management

Nigel lets you be in charge of your menus without the hassle of going through a third party. Manage your menu with your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Add, edit, and 86 items. Update your pricing. Add new specials—all in real time.

Real-Time Sales and Data Reporting

Analyze what’s happening at your restaurant, by the numbers, in real time. Monitor your payroll. Review popular items. Forecast menus. Even better, Nigel integrates with Rosnet for advanced business intelligence reporting.

Superb Dining Experience

Cook up the best dining experience for your guests.

Digital Tableside Service

We’re not talking about those clunky table-top tablets. Instead of writing down orders or relying on memory, servers use handheld tablets to enter orders accurately and efficiently. Then, there’s no walking back to the terminal—the orders head to the kitchen right away, which means customers get their food faster and leave happier.

Integrated Credit Card Payments

Accept all major forms of payment with Nigel’s integrated credit card system. Protect customers’ data with efficient PCI-compliant processing, tokenization, and end-to-end encryption. Best of all, customers can pay right at the table.

Active Check Splitting

Make paying the check easy on your servers, bartenders, and customers. Split checks. Divide items. Add gratuity. Let Nigel do the math.

Flexible Restaurant Solutions

Think of Nigel as hiring a new employee. You hire what works for your restaurant.

Pay by Location or Terminal

We know that no two restaurants are the same. Why do other POS systems only offer one payment method? With Nigel, you choose whichever works best for your business. Not sure? We’ll help you calculate both options, and leave the decision making up to you.

Engineered to Scale

A restaurant management group with multiple brands and over 20 locations helped develop Nigel with scalability in mind. Whether you’re purchasing a restaurant management platform for one restaurant or 1,000, Nigel can work for you.

Choose Your Hardware

Have you already invested in a ton of hardware? Maybe you’re just starting out and have nothing at all. With Nigel, you have the option to lease our hardware or purchase your own. Nigel is compatible with a wide variety of hardware—buy what works best for your restaurant and your budget.

Powerful Hybrid Platform

Your restaurant management software needs to work for you. Nigel’s hybrid platform gives you the best of both worlds: the accessibility of cloud-based software with the reliability of an on-premise solution.


  • Access Nigel anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Secure
  • Low maintenance


  • Fixed station terminal
  • Dependable
  • Operational even when the internet goes down.

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