BizTalk with Bill Roy: Chambers and Rolph Discuss Nigel development, features, and Value

By January 11, 2019 January 31st, 2020 Media

On Thursday January 10, 2019, Thrive Restaurant President Jon Rolph made a big announcement about a new software joint venture at Startup Wichita’s fireside chat. What’s the name of that software? Nigel.

The brainchild of High Touch and Thrive, Nigel is a cloud-based, full-service restaurant management system created to serve any restaurant size in every restaurant segment. Through a joint venture, High Touch and Thrive have designed, developed, tested, and began implementing the state-of-the art point of sale (POS) software at many Thrive-owned restaurants, including HomeGrown and Carlos O’Kelly’s. Now, the team is ready to take the software to market.

In this BizTalk with Bill Roy podcast from the Wichita Business Journal, Chambers and Rolph sit down to discuss the following:

Wayne Chambers on the podcast with Jon Rolph

Wayne Chambers and Jon Rolph
Photo courtesy of the WBJ.

  • How did the joint venture come up with Nigel?
  • What separates Nigel from other Restaurant POS software?
  • What features make Nigel disruptive in the restaurant industy?
  • How does Nigel better the overall restaurant experience?
  • What does Nigel’s future look like?

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